An international performing sand artist based out of Singapore


Stacey has been exposed to the visual arts since young and seems to have inherited a wonderful grasp of lines, colors and shapes like her mother, who is a veteran in the fashion industry. Most of the times, she can be seen “vandalizing” her room walls and doodling in all of her story books as a kid. Thus, not surprisingly, art became a core subject which she passionately pursued during her early school days.

Besides her interests in art and craft, she also involved herself with other artistic pursuits such as creative writing, poetry, music and storytelling. She particularly enjoyed how the audiences react to her storytelling , and which she would, over the years, blend into an engaging art form via sand painting.

During her years in Lasalle College of the Arts where she majored in Media Arts – Animation and Fine Art, she self-sponsored her own school fees by juggling multiple freelance jobs before and during school days. Such tough experiences helped shape her performing career in the later part of her life.

College time exposed Stacey to a variety of different mediums, techniques and materials for her artworks. It was during this period that she discovered her strengths in art, especially in painting and print-making that “moves” i.e. animation. Thus, she decided to focus her attention on learning various types of animation and even entered some of her animation art works for regional screenings and competitions.

Upon graduation, Stacey started work with a media and educational company as a visual arts course trainer. During the course of her job, she chanced upon an opportunity to perform her first ever televised Sand Painting in August 2009 for the Work, Safety, Health Awards Ceremony. Following on, she was invited to perform at the Asia Pacific Maritime Opening Ceremony.

Buoyed by rave reviews of her successful performances, she took the leap of faith in 2010 to concentrate solely on being a full time professional sand artist and performer and has never looked back since.


Currently a highly acclaimed international performing sand artist, Stacey has performed for many well-known companies such as STB, PSA, HUTTONS, CAPITAL LAND, PHILIPS, ORACLE, MENARINI, PFIZER, IWC, The Association of Banks Singapore and Singapore Manufacturer’s Federation.

Based from Singapore, Stacey has also traveled extensively for invitational performances in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and Japan. Notable experiences include performing in front of Singapore President Tony Tan and the Baron of Germany at the Nobel Prize Laureate Ceremony in Lindau, Germany.




Some major brands and organizations that I have worked and collaborated with across the world